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Experts and other interested parties find out more about the benefits of vitamin D each and every day. It’s looked upon as a nutritional powerhouse and is often a very hotly debated topic in the medical arena. Vitamin D’s most well-known benefits are the development of healthy teeth and bones, but this is just the tip of the iceberg when considering some of the other great things about it that experts are finally discovering.

A study that was completed in 2007 showed that people who take vitamin D supplements on a daily basis are 7% less likely to die then the people who aren’t taking them every day. More research showed that women diagnosed with breast cancer who had low vitamin D levels had a greater chance of death than those women whose vitamin D levels were normal. That study alone made people really stand up and finally start taking notice.

But more often than not, people truly don’t understand the benefits of vitamin D because they are often deficient in this particular area. It is believed that 50% of adults and children in the United States are deficient in their vitamin D levels.
Vitamin D Vitamin
One of the major reasons is people just don’t spend enough time out in the sun anymore. And when they are out in the sun they’re covered from head to toe in sunscreen so their body’s skin isn’t able to synthesize the vitamin D it creates. Those people who are older and overweight are also most likely deficient because the body can’t make as much from sunlight as it once could when you suffer from either of these conditions.

There’s plenty of research out there stating the benefits of vitamin D. One is that those who possess high levels of vitamin D have a lower chance of catching any diseases. With that said, do you think it’s a good time to start taking vitamin D supplements? I certainly would hope so.

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